Why now?

The spring of 2017 represents a time in Canmore's history where council will have to make some tough decisions prior to a municipal election scheduled for the fall of 2017. At issue is the last remaining section of a regionally vital wildlife corridor at the mouth of the Rockies near Dead Man's Flats, which is about to be delineated by the Province of Alberta in conjunction with a development proposal by Three Sisters Mountain Village.

The conversation about TSMV and other large-scale local developments  — Silvertip Resort, Spring Creek Mountain Village and Dead Man's Flats, among others — in Canmore's sensitive landscape has broader implications related to the reasons we choose to live here, the forces that are shaping our town, and how to make Canmore even better by engaging more residents in the conversation.

Canmore Commons — and our newsletter — adds value to these conversations by providing readers with trusted resources, news and updates, and simple summaries that inspire you to have a say on complicated and controversial development and environmental matters. 

If you're feeling inspired, take a look at our Get Involved section for tips on how you can make a difference through letter writing and public hearings. 


Inform, engage, activate.

To inform, inspire and empower the people of Canmore to help ensure the long term viability of our community and environment.


It can be challenging to get your head around the issues and implications that living in an environmentally sensitive yet popular destination like Canmore entails.Canmore Commons hopes to provide you with the context you need to feel empowered with a broader understanding of the issues that matter to you, to elevate the level of conversation and to encourage you to make your voice matter. 


Goal 01

Harness the knowledge of local experts to give readers the tools they need to engage in effective and meaningful discussions.

Goal 02

Create a platform that keeps citizens up to date with resources, questions and concerns related to local developments and the environment.

Goal 03

Present an active and balanced voice for the residents of Canmore. And yes, grizzlies, wolves and elk are residents, too!