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What we do

The Canmore Commons provides context and resources that help the community to feel empowered with a broader understanding of the unique challenges related to development and the Bow Valley environment.

It can be challenging to understand the issues and implications that living in an environmentally sensitive yet popular destination like Canmore requires. To help citizens understand these complexities and the big picture, the Canmore Commons harnesses the knowledge of local experts and decades of local development and environment history to provide people with what they need to engage in effective and meaningful discussions.

This digital library keeps citizens up to date with resources, questions and concerns related to local developments and environmental issues.


We’re all standing on common ground. 

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The story

The development of the remaining lands in and around Canmore, and they way we behave in this environmentally significant valley, is constantly shaping our town and the lives of those who call it home. It's also a great reason for residents to connect with each other and determine the direction we want Canmore to look both today and in the future.

Canmore Commons is an independent website founded in January 2017 that was catalyzed by concerns about three proposed large-scale developments on Three Sisters, Silvertip and Dead Man’s Flats lands that were being proposed in the community at the time.

Canmore Commons provides readers with trusted resources, news and updates, and simple summaries that inspire them to be able to have an informed opinion on complicated and controversial development and environmental matters. While attempting to keep it simple, we also hope that the information shared through this platform will give readers a greater appreciation for the unique complexity of the issues that are faced by our community, our wildlife, developers, conservationists, our town planners and our elected representatives.

Who we are

This website is a collection of knowledge and resources brought together through interviews with dozens of experts, entrepreneurs and leaders in the Bow Valley. We have tapped into Canmore's world-class community of scientists, engineers, wildlife experts, town planners and others to bring you a comprehensive overview of the issues. 


Kristy Davison

CO-FOUNDER / publisher + designer

Kristy is the founding publisher of Highline Magazine and has 12+ years expertise in publishing, editing, creative and technical writing, photography, layout and design. She works as a consultant with not-for-profit organizations in the Bow Valley, including The Alpine Club of Canada, KEA Canada, Y2Y, and the Banff Canmore Community Foundation as a writer, designer, and marketing communications specialist.


Colette Derworiz

CO-FOUNDER / Journalist

Colette is a journalist who worked at the Calgary Herald for almost 18 years, writing about the environment, health, social issues, politics and education. She lived in Canmore from November 2013 to July 2017 and has worked as a freelance journalist, writing stories for various outlets — including ScienceNational Observer, The Canadian Press, Hakai, and Maclean's. She's also an editor and a public speaker on journalism and science communications. 

Colette has moved to Edmonton to continue working as a journalist. She's now a reporter/editor at The Canadian Press, covering news throughout Western Canada.

(Photo by Leah Hennel).

Using the Commons

  • RESOURCES: Find the latest data on wildlife science, summaries and news of developments that affect you, note about the town's history, as well as current thoughts on recreation and tourism in the valley. Brush up on your definitions of fancy words, acronyms or phrases, and a selection of maps of the areas featured and peruse other key documents.

  • NEWS: Stories as they happen.

  • HISTORY: Context for news stories and a deeper dive into the issues.

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