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Let's Talk Mountain Parks: Banff National Park Management Plan

DEADLINE to provide feedback: April 30th, 2019.

The Canada National Parks Act requires that each of Canada’s national parks have a management plan, which is reviewed every ten years. A management plan identifies the vision and long-term strategic direction for the park and describes how that vision and direction will be achieved. It also describes how the park’s natural and cultural resources will be protected while promoting public understanding and appreciation, and facilitating exceptional visitor experiences.

Parks Canada is updating the current management plan for Banff National Park. One of the first steps in this process is determining what issues and opportunities will be priorities for the new plan to address. As national Parks are held in trust for Canadians, Parks Canada is seeking your views about the scope of the next Banff National Park of Canada Management Plan. Input from this process will be used to shape the contents and the engagement process for the draft management plan.

Parks Canada is engaging with stakeholders, the public and Indigenous Peoples until April 30, 2019. Please take a few minutes to share your feedback here