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GATHERING: "For the Love of Our Valley"

Location: Centennial Park in Canmore

Be the voice of the species who cannot vote in our upcoming elections!

A peaceful gathering for the love of the Bow Valley's community and wildlife is planned for October 7th. Bring a homemade sign to carry on the walk, with a personal and respectful message about how you feel about our wildlife/environment.

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1) 10am: Gather at Centennial Park in Canmore. Short presentations by local speakers.

2) 10:30am to 11am: Walk together from Centennial Park to the steps at the Civic Centre, where we will be closing with a couple more local speakers.

3) There will be a time to pause and reflect on the loss of our beloved Bear 148.

4) Speakers include: Harvey Locke (Banff) - world reknowned conservationist, writer and photographer and co-founder of Yellowstone to Yukon, Bree Todd (Banff resident), Bill Snow - Consultation Manager, Stoney Tribal Administration with the Stoney Nakoda Nation, Kay Anderson (Canmore resident) and others.

Wear your "FOR THE LOVE OF CANMORE" buttons (more will be available at the gathering) and your Bear 148 t-shirt if you ordered one.

Hosted by: Gary and Kay Anderson